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» childs play charity drive..
LIBERATION FORCE EmptySat Sep 17, 2011 5:25 pm by buckeye1990

LIBERATION FORCE EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 2:52 am by buckeye1990

» Virtually as cut-price as warez
LIBERATION FORCE EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 2:51 am by SCHOOLED_SUCKA

» Diablo 3 Fail: Requires constant connection to play, among other shitty things.
LIBERATION FORCE EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 2:05 am by SCHOOLED_SUCKA

» ENDGAME Clothing???
LIBERATION FORCE EmptyThu Jul 28, 2011 7:44 am by SCHOOLED_SUCKA

» How do we apply?
LIBERATION FORCE EmptyThu Mar 04, 2010 1:13 am by SCHOOLED_SUCKA

LIBERATION FORCE EmptyThu Feb 18, 2010 8:37 pm by SCHOOLED_SUCKA

» VOTE: Should we have a person that keeps track of ranks, and medals earned?
LIBERATION FORCE EmptyMon Jan 25, 2010 2:48 am by Admin

» some tidbits:
LIBERATION FORCE EmptyMon Jan 25, 2010 1:55 am by Admin

Virtually as cut-price as warez

Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:01 am by Anonymous

Yo A set of indie developers are selling a lots of their games which includes some of the biggest self-assured games on the market. Gamers can dub their own payment—from 1c to $1,000—instead of a make over out of pocket of games that would attempt to the john for deteriorated $80 if sold separately. Anyone who buys the case can go through speculator upon themselves as expertly …

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How do we apply?

Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:41 pm by RyanTBS25

To Endgame?

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ENDGAME Recruits!

Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:48 pm by Admin

First of all, i would like to welcome you to the forums, run by the guild ENDGAME. I started this guild a few years back in WoW, and branched off into other games of interest referred to by friends, or that i heard about through the grapevine. Anyhoo, i would like to welcome all honest people into the guild, if you are, in fact, interested in joining. I regret to say i no longer play some of the …

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Post  SCHOOLED_SUCKA on Wed Jan 20, 2010 8:31 pm

I am building somewhat of an attack force. This will be done by volunteer ONLY. IF you want to be a part of the Liberation Force, the requirements are as follows:


1: ) You MUST have adequate defenses on YOUR OWN bases.

2: ) You MUST have 250,000 fleet, MINIMUM.

3: ) You MUST be above level 30.

4: ) Your inactivity MUST stay BELOW 4 days.


This Liberation Force will be a division of the guild that does exactly as it's name implies, Liberates our lower members bases. It would be nice if we could get a few members from each of the 4 corners of the server. Who will volunteer for these positions of damage control?

1: Vengeance, Northwest corner.
2: Fred Mann, Southwest corner.
3: {EVIL} AngelDust, Southeast corner.

Message me directly, if you want to be a part of this batallion. Your rank will change to have -_____- on either side of it.

Guild name: : ENDGAME
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